Health EU initiative makes important steps towards strategic recognition and launches its Manifesto to unify Digital Healthcare in Europe!

December 19th, 2018 – In a competition with many excellent projects, and, as a result of the 2nd phase evaluation of Coordination and Support Actions for FET Flagships, Health EU was recognized as the leading project on Human Avatars and Digital Healthcare and is currently in a potential position for future funding.

Health EU management is looking with strong conviction into a bright future of a European mission on creating the first European Integrative Human Avatar Platform under the umbrella of Digital Healthcare enabled by Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.

Today, we launch the Health EU Manifesto to unify all forces in medicine, biology, social sciences and engineering Europe under the visionary concept of Human Avatars for personalized, preventive and participatory healthcare. We invite all interested universities, research institutes, hospitals, industries and citizen/patient associations and other stakeholders to sign our Manifesto as an expression of direct support!

Sign the Manifesto

Thanks to all our supporters!

We're grateful to everyone who already expressed support towards our initiative.
NameAffiliationCountryMessage of support
Eggermont, AlexanderGustave Roussy InstituteFrance-
Ionescu, AdrianEPFLSwitzerland-
Van den Berg, AlbertUniversity of TwenteThe Netherlands-
Čartolovni, AntoHrvatsko katolicko sveuciliste (Catholic University of Croatia)Croatia
Raskin, Jean-PierreUniversité catholique de LouvainBelgiumI fully support the initiative which targets one of the major challenge of our society: provide a sustainable health system for everyone!
Schwamborn, JensUniversity of Luxembourg, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB)Luxembourg
Ramette, AlbanUniversity of BernSwitzerlandI fully support the text of the Manifesto.
Bol, DavidUniversité catholique de LouvainBelgiumHeath-EU is a key federating project for EU with a real vision. I fully support it.
Karlen, WalterETH ZurichSwitzerland
Gawer, AnnabelleUniversity of SurreyUnited KingdomThis is a very ambitious program that aims to connect many universities in Europe to explore and deliver the next generation of healthcare
Golebiewski, MartinHITS gGmbH (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies)GermanyWe fully support this challenging project and are convinced that it will ensure that Europe will take the lead in cutting-edge healthcare and biomedical research worldwide.
van den Eijnden-van Raaij, JannyhDMTThe NetherlandsJoining forces in Health EU will make the difference for health in Europe!
Oeltze-Jafra, SteffenUniversity Clinic for Neurology,Otto-von-Guericke-University MagdeburgGermany
Danilo, DemarchiPolitecnico di TorinoItalyAll my support to a great initiative for Europe and European Health system.
Mestric, HrvojeCatholic University of CroatiaHrvatska
Lindseth, FrankNorwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)NorwayEurope needs this project. Self-management of health will become more and more important in the future and for that the citizens need the right tools, i.e Health EU
Alcalay, MyriamAlleanza Contro il CancroItaly
Kraushaar, UdoNMI Natural and Medical Science Institute at the University of TuebingenGermanyHealth EU will be a major step towards the understanding of biological mechanisms and will provide a strong impact on the improvement of healthcare. The NMI hereby strongly supports this manifest.
Bergstrom, Michele CitizenItaly
Müller, RalucaIMT- BucharestRomaniaWe support the Health EU initiative for its innovative ideas and high strategic importance to link Healthy Living, Prevention and Personalized Treatment of Disease, as a great advanced tool and a successful balance between medical sciences and ICT.
van Gils, MarkVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.Finland
Mummery, ChristineLeiden University Medical CentreNetherlandsThis was such a great plan!
Graf, NorbertSaarland UniversityGermany
Brugger, JuergenEPFLSwitzerland
Kuehne, TitusCharite - Medical University BerlinGermanyThis project must be realized!
Radhakrishnan, raviuniversity of pennsylvaniaUnited StatesAn audacious initiative that will transform life and providing care
Moldovan, CarmenNational Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies (IMT-Bucharest)RomaniaIMT-Bucharest strongly support Health EU Manifesto and believes in the European future of this project for the benefit of all citizens.
Swager, IdeMomo Medical bvNetherlands
Qanadli, Salah University of Lausanne and University Hospital of LausanneSwitzerlandI strongly support this innovative translationnal project. I beleive it to be crucial for our future as scientists, as physicians, as patients and, the most important part, as persons !
Dimitrov, DimiterDiavita Ltd, BulgariaBulgaria
Bensen, PatrickIEEE, APA, CCPA, IAC, EU commission CanadaYou will need some inputs from organizational psychologist and AI-Human psychology. I would love to participate .
Selmi, LucaIUNET - Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per la NanoelettronicaItalyA visionary unifying goal and a structured research program of the utmost relevance for all European citizens and for the future of Europe
Gidrol, XavierCEAFrance Europe needs these human avatars as biological compagnons for our futur patients and our futur physicians!!
Hohensee, ChristianeFederal Association of People for Animal Rights GermanyGermany
Peer, DanLaboratory of Precision NanoMedicineIsraelI consider this proposal an important contribution to digitalisation in medicine and an essential step for European's scientific community
Lammert, FrankSaarland UniversityGermany
Aimez, VincentVP PArtnerships and Knowledge TransferCanadaUniversite de Sherbrooke is strongly supportive of this exceptionnal project whose impact and collaboration opportunities will go way beyond Europe for a better healthier world !
Dubourdieu, CatherineHelmholtz Zentrum BerlinGermany
Nickerson, DavidUniversity of AucklandNew Zealand
Ozols, KasparsEDILatvia
Boisseau, PatrickCEAFranceI consider this proposal an important contribution to digitalisation in medicine and an essential step for European's scientific community, industry and people
Ielmini, DanieleIUNET - Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per la NanoelettronicaItalyHealthEU is the vision of a better quality of life through science and technology. It is time to make this dream come true!
caillat, patriceCEAfrance
Greitans, ModrisInstitute of Electronics and Computer ScienceLatviaThis is an important initiative for digitalisation in healthcare to create new opportunities for future personalized and precision medicine.
Baconnier, Simoncommissariat a l'énergie Atomique et aux énergies alternativesFranceHealthEU is a disruptive oriented project. This is what medical innovation needs in the coming years to allow the mandatory paradigm shift in future patient treatments.
Bühler, KatjaVRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbHAustria
Neumuth, ThomasUniversität Leipzig, ICCASGermanyTechnologies like avatars and digital twins will merge medicine and ICT. HealthEU targets transformational innovations for the future of healthcare.
CHARBIT, FrancoiseCEAFranceHealth EU proposition is of high value for society, patients, health professionals, healthcare systems and industry. It will provide breakthrough solutions to streamline healthcare workflows and reach a better integrated care offer from predisposition to follow-up of patient conditions, far beyond the potential of digital as seen today, It will allow a significant progress in the way drugs are designed and prescribed. Europe definetely needs this initiative. I wish you a great success and I encourage European institutions and member states to provide you all support you may need.
Strée, BernardCEAFranceThe capacity of everyone to understand how its daily behaviour affects the management and prevention of diseases is a necessary steps towards patient empowerment as well as supporting medical team in their understanding of the disease on individual basis. Health EU initiative is working so that every European can be fully aware of its health and actions in maintaining it.
Chaton, PatrickCEAFrance
Pauliac-Vaujour, EmmanuelleCEAFrance
Hirche, SandraTU MunichGermanyWe consider this an indispensable key initiative to advance digital healthcare in Europe!
Lutolf, MatthiasEPFLSwitzerland
Kiessling, FabianUniversity Clinics RWTH Aachen UniversityGermanyI consider tis proposal an important contribution to digitalization in medicine and an essential step for European's scientific community, industry, and people.
Krauss, StefanUniversity of OsloNorwayA very important research task. Highly needed for future patient care.
Matsas, RebeccaHellenic Pasteur InstituteGreece
Fagas, GiorgosTyndall National InstituteIreland
Madsen, JanTechnical University of DenmarkDenmarkThe Health EU initiative is by far the most innovative and disruptive vision for how to transform our current old fashioned healthcare mindset into the 21st century for a bright and healthy future of citizens of Europe and the World at large. The initiative excel by not being a domain specific vision, but a truly cross-disciplinary effort spanning a large range of strong topics within areas of science, engineering and medicine.
Ramm, PeterFraunhofer EMFTGermanyAs representative of Fraunhofer in the Health EU consortium, I would like to express our full support for this unique multidisciplinary European initiative in personalized, preventive and digital healthcare. Digital Health is on the top priority list of all European nations and so Health EU should become one of the next European FET Flagships ! Best regards, Peter Ramm Head of Strategic Projects, Fraunhofer EMFT
Pennazza, GiorgioUniversity Campus Bio-Medico di RomaItaliaThis program proposes a great challenge, addressing a feasible path, supported by the robust expertise of a multidisciplinary competent network.
Owen, AndrewUniversity of LiverpoolUnited Kingdom
Tanjić, ŽeljkoCatholic University of CroatiaCroatia
Hierold, ChristoferETH ZurichSwitzerland
Weltring, Klaus-MichaelGesellschaft für Boioanalytik Münster e.V., Mendelstr. 17, 48149 MünsterGermanyWithin the NOBEL project we are working on a meta-roadmap of healthtech developments changing the Continuum of Care, which also includes the impact of AI and ICT on these developments.
Sarro, PasqualinaDelft University of TechnologyThe NetherlandsHealth-EU is an ambitious program, of paramount importance to achieve sustainable healthcare systems to everybody. It connects all main European academic and industrial partners and strengthens the European position in this highly relevant field.
Gerboles, Pedro GDelft University of TechnologyNetherlands
Alfaro Barrantes, Juan AndrésDelft University of TechnologyNetherlands
MATHUR, ANTHONYQueen Mary UniversityUnited KingdomThis is a very strong and important application - it would be great if this could be supported
Mul, DieuwertDelft University of TechnologyThe Netherlands
Wijmenga, CiscaUMCG Groningen NetherlandsThis is the way forward if we seriously want to tackle the burden of chronic diseases all the way from detection, prevention to disease mechanisms
Llombart, NuriaTUDelftThe Netherlands
Odysseos, AndreaniEPOS-Iasis, R&DCyprus "It is not for the technologies…it is not for health care professionals…it is for peoples' lives and their futures…". This is what "Health-EU" is all about! A big leap forward towards bridging biomedical sciences with ICT and Artificial Intelligence through Smart Sensing and Nanosciences, in order to realise the promise of 6P and revolutionise medical practice with the implementation of human Avatars. Peronally as a Physician, Nanobiotechnological Scientist and Enterpreneur can acknowledge in Health-EU an unprecedented mission for EU, the World and the generations to come!
Gainza, EusebioBiopraxisSpainI agree with the Manifesto as supporter
Parag, Anirudh KumarTU DelftThe NetherlandsI hope this initiative could find possible solutions to looming problems for healthcare in terms of diagnostics and cure of human ailments and potentially fatal diseases.
MARQUE, IsabelleINSERMFrance
Ende van der, PetraTUDThe Netherlands
Emmer, KoenTU DelftNetherlands
Gramatica, FurioFondazione don GnocchiItalyThis project, if funded, will actually shape the future of medicine, with a potentially enormous benefit to citizens.
Gaio, NikolasTU DelftNetherlands
Nassiopoulou, AndroulaNCSR DemokritosGreecePersonalized, preventive and participatory healthcare are essential components for a healthy society. Artificial Intelligence and Internet of things are powerful tools towards the above. I fully support the proposed European Integrative Human Avatar Platform as an enabler for the above.
Silvestri, CinziaBIOND Solutions BVThe Netherlands
Guillemaud, régisCEAFranceVery important project for the future of digital health
Dekker, Ronald Philips ResearchThe NetherlandsI fully endorse this fantastic initiative that will bring Europe to the frontiers of medical technology
Henneken, VincentPhilips ResearchThe NetherlandsI can do nothing but support such an important initiative!
Benini, LucaETHZ, UNIBOSwitzerland, ItalyI strongly support Health EU as a key strategic initiative.
Massin, CharlesMerckSwitzerlandThis initiative is perfectly suited to address the undergoing changes in the healthcare industry. Europe cannot afford to miss it.
Das, AurojyotiTU DelftNetherlands
De Vito, SaverioENEAItalyI consider Healthy-Eu proposal as an outstanding endeavour that will make a decisive contribution to digitalisation in medicine and will take Europe several steps ahead towards a personalized and thus more effective healthcare. In the end, European's scientific community, industry and eventually each of us will take significant benefit from Healthy-EU proposal outcomes.
Habibovic, PamelaMaastricht UniversityThe NetherlandsThe Health EU project is of great importance for the future of disease prevention and treatment, which is why we strongly support the manifest.
Vandevyvere, KlaasAZ WestBelgium
Garrido Ariza, Jose AntonioInstitut Fundació Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (ICN2)SpainOur institution considers this proposal of utmost relevance for its major impact on the future healthcare system of the European zone. (Vice-director and Head of Strategy, Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology)
Di Francia, GirolamoENEAItaly
Kotrotsios, GeorgesCSEMSwitzerlandCSEM fully supports this important initiative and is committed to make it's best in order towards it's full success.
Farserotu, JohnCSEMSwitzerlandCSEM fully and strongly supports the Health EU innitiatve.
Serdijn, WouterDelft University of TechnologyNetherlandsI believe the Heulth EU initiative is of vital importance for the future of healthcare engineering and can put Europe back at the frontline, where it rightfully belongs.
Chen, MingyiShanghai Jiaotong University ChinaI support the action to use the scientific tool to contribute to the human society. Wish a peaceful world,Amitabha!
Anayiotos, AndreasCyprus University of TechnologyCyprus
Barbier, SandraCEAFrance
Schnekenburger, JuergenBiomedical Technology Center, University of MuensterGermanyHealth EU has the potential to integrate the rapidly increasing data from IVD and imaging sources for an individualized presentation and analysis.
Guenat, OlivierAlveoliX AGSwitzerlandI fully support the Health-EU initiave that will have a decisive impact on tomorrow's European healthcare.
Yazdan Mehr, MaryamTechnical University of DelftThe Netherlands
Roederer, AntoineTU DelftNetherlands
Van Eeckhoudt, BertThe House of MarketingBelgiumI support this manifesto because I truly believe that, in order to realize personalized, anicipatory and ultimately preventive healthcare, collaboration between all different stakeholders in the health care industry will be one of the most key elements to succeed.
GARIN, JeromeCEAFrance
Burie, RemkeTechMed Centre University of TwenteNetherlandsIt is our strong conviction that the Health-EU initiative is the key breaktrough that is needed for a true disruption in Healthcare. A Digital Human Avatar will improve health and healthcare for all citizens, and could be the base platform that will enable a more standardized growth of multiple ehealth applications and many other solutions.
Liu, Panir.Netherlands
Langø, ThomasSINTEFNorway
Tsoukalas, DimitrisNational Technical University of AthensGreeceI strongly support this ambitious and timely initiative with high social and technological impact spread all over Europe.
Bloem, BasRadboudumc, NijmegenNetherlandsI strongly believe in the Human Avatars approach to help shape the necessary revolution in healthcare, and I am excited to be part of this powerful interdisciplinary consortium that has all then necessary experts and means available to make a tangible impact.
Huttula, MarkoUniversity of OuluFinlandAims for benefitting multidisciplinary actions towards healthy future is one of the most important goals of research.
Thomy, Vincent University of LilleFranceI fully support this text
Raffo, LuigiUniversity of CagliariITALY
de Graaf, GerDelft University of TechnologyThe NetherlandsGreat opportunities for new innovations in the field
Van Hoof, ChrisimecBelgium
Maass, ChristianCertaraGermany
Picollet-D'hahan, NathalieCEAFRANCEThis program is challenging, exciting and will revolution Healthcare. I believe we have in Europe the required multidisciplinary skills, know-how and ambition to make this dream a reality: a more effective healthcare. I fully support this action !
van Wietmarschen, LucDelft university of TechnologyThe Netherlands
Liebert, AdamNalecz Inst. Biocybernetics Biomed. Eng. Polish Academy of SciencesPolska
Pijanowska, Dorota G.Nalecz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering Polish Academy of SciencesPOLAND
Müller, JulianeOtto-von-Guericke-Universität MagdeburgGermany
Bilsen, GreetKU LeuvenBelgiumAn initiative like Health-EU, closely bringing together top-experts in Healthcare and ICT technology to tackle Health challenges with groundbreaking technology, is a necessary cornerstone to eventually make real personalized medicine a reality.
Waerzeggers, YannicOtto-von-Guericke-Universität MagdeburgGermanyThis project has a great potential to make a difference for health in Europe
Poelsma, MarcelSports Injury Specialist OMT,SPT, PTSpaimWe need future vision
Huiberts, HansPhilipsThe NetherlandsHealthcare for individual people.
Persidis, AndreasBIOVISTAGreeceThis is an initiative of significant human and social importance for the EU and the word as a whole. We are at a point where the promise of exciting new (digital) technologies needs to be delivered and explained to society such that it is embraced, supported, deployed and managed in ways that benefit and protect us all. Biovista is proud to be a strong supporter.
Maes, DavidKU LeuvenBelgiumFully supporting this groundbreaking initiative!
Piotrkiewicz, MariaNalecz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, PASPoland
Moselund, KirstenIBM Research ZurichSwitzerland
Lammers, TwanRWTH Aachen University CLinicGermanyThis initiative will contribute significantly to improved healthcare in Europe (and worldwide)
Ladyzynski, PiotrNalecz Intitute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering Polish Academy of SciencesPoland
Ince, Gozde Sabancı UniversityTurkey
Waniewski, JacekNalecz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, Polish Academy of SciencesPolandI fully support the idea of Manifesto and the project on Human Avatars and Digital Healthcare.
Polycarpou, MariosUniversity of CyprusCyprusOn behalf of the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence (>100 researchers), it is my pleasure to strongly support this initiative. The use of artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems, Internet-of-Things and big data analytics have a great potential to revolutionize Healthcare worldwide. An EU initiative to unify Digital Healthcare will help put Europe at the forefront of future developments.
Rusu, AnaKTH Royal Institute of TechnologySwedenI strongly support the project "Health EU" since it can make Europe one of the key players in the medtech and all related industries and have a significant impact on the healthcare system in EU.
Kiziltas, GulluSabanci UniversityTurkeyI fully support this challenging and exciting effort.
Buhmeida, AbdelbasetMD, PhD, Professor Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research (CEGMR), King Abdulaziz University, JeddahSaudi ArabiaGod bless you.
Schreurs, DominiqueKU LeuvenBelgium
PREZIOSI, GIUSEPPELombardy Region (ICT)ItalyI fully support this challenging initiative, being honored to contribute to promotion and dissemination of the tailored medicine.
Vanderperre, Axel UTOPIA_BXL NGO Patient org.Belgium As founder of UTOPIA_BXL we support this Manifesto.
Kas, KoenHealthskouts & University GhentBelgiumMaking Europe grand again. Providing healthcare by default. Our ultimate personal assistant. Baymax, Captain Europe, our children"s cuddly bear providing (w)health
DIMOULAS, AthanasiosNational Center for Scientific Research DEMOKRITOSGreeceHEALTH-EU is a great initiative that could be the next big mission in Horizon Europe with a large expected impact on disease prevention and cure. Health-EU member NCSR DEMOKRITOS, Athens, Greece,fully supports the initiative.
DIMOULAS, AthanasiosNational Center for Scientific Research DEMOKRITOSGreeceHEALTH-EU is a great initiative that could be the next big mission in Horizon Europe with a large expected impact on disease prevention and cure. Health-EU member NCSR DEMOKRITOS, Athens, Greece,fully supports the initiative.
Calatrava Calleja, LuisPrivate HealthcareUkVery interesting project. Ive got a background in pubkic health and health economics work as a healthcare commissioner for tbe largest private hc insurer in the UK.
Janssen, GerPhilipsNetherlandsI fully support the ambitious Health EU initiative,with a clear vision and generating cooperation between all healthcare stakeholders, which is crucial for a bright future of healthcare.
Dünnwald, MaxOtto-von-Guericke-Universität MagdeburgGermany
Meyer, AlexanderGerman Heart Center BerlinGermanyThis project will set healthcare to the next level for Europe and the whole world!
Wong, H.-S.PhilipStanford UniversityUnited StatesAn exciting vision!
Antoniotti, MarcoUniversità degli Studi di Milano-BicoccaItaly
Akgun, Omer CanTU Delft EWI/BENetherlands
Demirci, SelçukSEMASU GmbHGermany
Heitzinger, ClemensTU WienAustriaI fully support the manifesto and the initiative. Health EU is exactly what is needed in order to make progress in personalized, preventive medicine and in health care. The plan of Health EU is well-thought out and ambitious.
Deschaseaux, PascalNewClinFranceA EU-driven transforming initiative for medical innovation: NewClin strongly supports it!
Michaeli, ShulamitBar Ilan UniversityIsraelbest of luck!!
Schütz, GerhardTU WienAustria
Hassanin, EmadeldinLuxembourg universityLuxembourg
Polichetti, TizianaENEAItayII fully support this project which will allow to develop more tailored treatments, based on the individual's uniqueness and which will put an end to the ethical issues associated with the use of animal model experimentation
Vollebregt, StenDelft University of TechnologyNetherlands
Alexandre, MOREAU-GAUDRYGrenoble-Alpes University HospitalFrance
Riess, WalterIBM Research - ZurichSwitzerland
Roesslein, MatthiasEmpaSwitzerland
Lemme, MaxRWTH Aachen UniversityGermanyThis is a vital program to sustain the wellbeing of European citizens through advanced technology.
Herland , Anna Karolinska Instiutet and Royal Institute of TechnologySweden
Hierlemann, AndreasETH ZurichSwitzerland
Cipriano, MadalenaFraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGBGermany
Miraldo, Marisa Imperial College Business SchoolUKHealth systems need urgently a shift of paradigm in strategic priorities, reflected in investment decisions, new incentive models and new service delivery models . Without that shift people's health and wellbeing as well as the financial sustainability of economies will be put at risk. Health EU is essential for that shift of paradigm and therefore I fully support its funding, implementation and development,
Balasingham, IlangkoNorwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Oslo University HospitalNorwayThis is a very ambitious program aims to develop, integrate, and validate novel technologies and tools that will have a profound effect on the way we can diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases in the future.
Wahlbrink, ThorstenAMO GmbHGermanyI fully support the initiative which will enable personalized medical treatment and revolutionize health care provision with potentially enormous benefit to European citizens.
Strisland, FrodeSINTEFNorway
Goris, AnneliesIMEC - The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
Deplancke, BartEPFLSwitzerlandThis project establishes a fundamental foundation for the future of personalized healthcare. Through its state of the art technology platforms and data integration strategies, this project will catalyze 21st century medical practice and make Europe a true leader in this domain.
Weiss, JonasIBM ResearchSwitzerlandHealth-EU manages to unify physical sciences and revolutionary technologies with all the relevant AI, data-sciences and privacy aspects by bringing together key-stake-holders from respective fields. It's implementation will be critical for creating an overarching ecosystem for industrial, academic, health-care and life-science partners. This will help solve most of the pressing issues in Europe's health-care systems and provide Europe with a globally competitive technology and market advantage.
Bernardino, LilianaUniversity of Beira InteriorPortugal
Van der Meer, AndriesUniversity of TwenteThe NetherlandsHealthy living and aging are by far some of the most important societal challenges for Europe today. True game-changers in this area will only come through major technical innovation. We need the Health EU Flagship for Europe's citizens!
Ernst, ThomasCEA LetiFrance
ZINCKE DOS REIS, MARIA DO ROSÁRIO CITIZENPORTUGALI do support the Manifesto and wish the greatest sucess to this innitiative.
Lellouche, Jean-PaulBar-Ilan University & Nanotechnology Institute BINAIsraelDears colleagues hi ! I am quite strongly attracted by this kind of global Health-relating project since I am quite attracted by such nanotechnology-based scientific support - So I shall be very happy to support and propose quite new ideas in this Health domain for human therapy and for all world health issues of course. For example and as a supporting example and with 2 other Israeli colleagues, I am currently creating a start-up for glasses cancellation via a set of nice effective eye view-promoting biocompatible nanoparticles (NANODROPS project). Basically and in this Human health field, I have also others ideas for drug delivery systems and much improved MRI-enabling particles for human diagnostics and therapy. Best wishes for all of us and hope that one time shall be able to help for this Human health issue !! Jean-Paul
Balestra, FrancisGrenoble INP-CNRSFranceI fully support this initiative needed at the EU level for substantially improving healthcare.
Pertijs, MichielDelft University of TechnologyThe NetherlandsI fully support the Health EU initiative. It's a unique initiative that brings together all relevant disciplines in Europe to solve the critical challenge of realizing sustainable and personalized healthcare.
Mosig, AlexanderJena University HospitalGermany
Fernandes, HugoFaculty Medicine, University COimbraPortugalGreat Initiative...Every Avatar, regardless of country, ethnicity, social status and so forth will impact EU Health! Only then we can improve a system that often fails the poorest and weakest...
Barrett, RobertCedars Sinai Medical CenterUSA
Guenat, OlivierUniversity of BernSwitzerlandGreat initiative to be supported!
Udrea, FlorinCambridge University United KingdomOn behalf of Cambridge University, we support extremely strongly the funding of this project and its manifesto and its claims. It is our deep responsibility to advance the field of personalised and preventive medicine and healthcare and the team behind this project has all the skills, expertise and strength to undertake the development of an avatar platform, a key step towards achieving this goal and meeting our responsibility. Prof Florin Udrea Cambridge University Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering UK.
Crabbe, TomUCBUK
Leufgen, KirstenSCIPROM SàrlSwitzerlandWe fully support the Health EU initiative as it will contribute significantly to improved disease preventation and cure in Europe and worldwide.
MENNELLA, SALVATORETOPVIEW SRLITALYFrom Internet of things to Internet of Health: God bless you.
Takayama, ShuichiGeorgia TechUSA
Antfolk, Maria Lund UniversitySweden
Jervan, GertDean, School of IT, Tallinn University of TechnologyEstoniaSchool of IT at Tallinn University of Technology considers Health EU initiative instrumental on creating new opportunities for the future of healthcare by combining forces in medicine, biology, social sciences and engineering. Therefore we strongly support the initiative in order to keep the EU health research in the forefront.
Werge, ThomasMental Health Services Capital Region of DenmarkDenmarkI am happy to have to occasion to support the Health EU initiative that aligns perfectly with complementary ambitions in Danish healthcare systems to realise the promises of precision health, and notably with large-scale infrastructure building and managerial re-orientation in the Capital Region of Denmark responsible for providing healthcare services to app. 2.5 mill. people. The succes of these regional and national initiatives will to a large extend rely on development and implementation of novel technologies that the Health EU initiative aims to devise. Needless to say that such ambitions require the coordinated integration of medicine, biology, social sciences and engineering at a scale that cannot be achieved in any single European country - thus underlining the importance of the Health EU initiative.
Vatine, GadThe department of physiology and cell biology, and the regenerative medicine and stem cell (RMSC) research center, Ben Gurion University of the NegevIsraelBy combining Organ-on-Chip and induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technologies, we are working towards creating personalized 'avatars' which has the potential to revolutionize the field of personalized medicine towards better health to patients. The potential of our field and approach made the cover of the National Geographic in a special edition focused on the future of personalized medicine. We believe that through this approach we will be able to predict which treatment is most efficient and safest per individual. We therefore, strongly support this initiative, and believe that funds from the EU will help develop the science within the EU that will contribute to improved clinical therapies, improved health care and improved life quality for patients and their families.
Gosens, ReinoudUniversity of GroningenNetherlands
Sahlgren, CeciliaÅbo Akademi University (University of Turku)FinlandI hereby provide my strongest support to the incentive.
Pani, DaniloUniversity of CagliariItalyThis project is ambitious and visionary, but with a strong background. I would be proud to contribute to its development.
Holloway, PaulUniversity of OxfordEnglandI fully support the ambitious and highly innovative project. The outlined strategy promises to have significant impact in improving healthcare
Meloni, PaoloUniversità degli Studi di CagliariItalia
Palumbo, FrancescaUniversità degli Studi di SassariItalia
Gaspar, RogerioPresident SPCF (Portuguese Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences) and Full Professor at FFUL (School of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon)PortugalHealth EU is a much needed platform. It has the potential to position Europe as a leader in Digital Health, bringing together converging sciences and technologies, fostering transformational innovation in the global competitive scenario. The current challenges identified both from the Health sciences and the Healthcare, need a better integration and convergence of knowledge in order to have a disruptive impact building much needed solutions. This has to be done in a patient-centric perspective in which a European Integrative Human Avatar Platform is an essential part and can move Europe faster in improving Healthcare, through better use of strategies aiming at personalized, preventive and participatory healthcare.
Loskill, PeterEberhard Karls University TübingenGermanyI fully support the Health EU initiative and the Manifesto. Health EU is of major importance as it combines various disciplines to develop an entirely new approach for the healthcare of the future.
Schilders-van Boxel, Marjoleinbureau of NCadNetherlandsI fully support this initiative!
Mulkens, FilipJanssen Pharmaceutica NVBelgium
Maoz, BenTel Aviv UniversityIsraelI believe that this project is an amazing vision that will affect many peoples life.
Sau, CarloUniversità degli Studi di Cagliari Italy
Vinken, MathieuEuropean Society of Toxicology In Vitro Belgium
Segal, EranWeizmann InstituteIsraelI fully support the text of the Manifesto.
Nesenbergs, KrisjanisInstitute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI)Latvia
den Toonder, Jaap Eindhoven University of TechnologyThe NetherlandsThis is a great opportunity to shape the future of healthcare in a revolutionary way!
Dinten, Jean-MarcCEA-LETIFrance
Meijer, E.W.Eindhoven University of TechnologyThe NetherlandsThis project is essential for hunan health and eliminate the excessive use if animals in R&D.
De Maria, RuggeroItalian Institute for Genomic MedicineItaly The development of Human Avatars and Digital Healthcare should be regarded as the top priority for healthcare. Health EU is a unique opportunity for such a development!
Gasbarrini, AntonioUniversita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli IRCCS, RomaItalyI strongly support the Health EU Manifesto
Stassi, GiorgioUniversity of PalermoItaly
Todaro, MatildeUniversity of PalermoItaly
Vineis, PaoloImperial College LondonUKI strongly support the Health EU Manifesto
Falk, VolkmarCharite Berlin / Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin / ETH ZürichGermanyFully support this truly innovative proposal which will lead to improved patient care.
Collard, DominiqueCNRSFranceMany colleagues from CNRS and I are ultimately convinced that Health-EU is bringing a new vision and the solution to sustainable health system for EU. We support this program and urge EU to founded it at least for the CSA stage
Valentini, VincenzoUniversità Cattolica S.Cuore - Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A.Gemelli IRCCSItaliaI strongly support the Health EU Manifesto. I found it visionary, doable and crucial for health science development.
Crooijmans, WimInnovation Program Manager Philips Research NederlandAs Philips we subscribe fully to the vision of the Digital Twin .We believe that creating a digital patient avatar will enable us to support patients and healthy consumers during their pathways throught the care continuum It will improve the care from healthy living in the Home up to more definitive diagnosis and more cost effective treatment in Hospitals and faster recovery . It will enable us to use digital models and simulation tools and AI to coach,guide and make better treatment decisions . We believe this will create a serious revoluation in healthcare
Rout, SamprajaniTU DelftIndiaI fully support the project!
Hermanis, AtisHackMotion, LtdLatvia
di Matteo, AndreaSTMicroelectronicsItaly
Ulrich, PeterSCIPROMSwitzerland
Wick, PeterSwiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, EmpaSwitzerlandI'm very convinced that this initiative targets a major challenge of our society and provide new health care solutions for everyone.
Coppola, Valeriavaleria.coppola@iss.itItaly
Di Sante, GabrieleUniversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Fondazione Policlinico Universitario "A. Gemelli" - I.R.C.C.S.ItaliaI fully support this great initiative!
Alcalay, MyriamACCItalyI strongly support the Health EU Manifesto.
Metselaar, JosbertEnceladus PharmaceuticalsThe NetherlandsHerewith we at Enceladus Pharmaceuticals declare our full endorsement of the Health EU initiative, acknowledging its importance and potential for future personal health and health management.
Miranda, Joana PiMed.ULisboa/Faculty of Pharmacy Universidade de LisboaPortugalIt is my great pleasure to support the Health EU initiative.
Fernandes, AnaCBIOS - Universidade LusófonaPortugal
Biffoni, MauroIstituto Superiore di SanitàItalyI support this initiative which shows a road to integrate individual information to promote universal healthcare
Martin-Sanchez, FernandoInstituto de Salud Carlos IIIEspañaEurope needs excellent academic leadership in digital health and biomedical informatics. Only so we could fulfill promises to improve citizens' health trough technology and information. Let´s support this unique initiative...
Basso, GiuseppeItalian Institute for Genomic MedicineItaly
Dauvillier, JérômeSIS Swiss Intitute of BioinformaticSwitzerland
Guarrera, SimonettaItalian Institute for Genomic MedicineItaly
Pelicci, Pier GiuseppeIEO-Istituto Europeo di OncologiaItalyI strongly support the Health EU Manifesto
Bose, RonnieFraunhofer EMFTGermanyI think that this initiative has wide ranging impact for the european reasearch and industrial landscape. Europe needs such a bold and ambitious initiative to address the healthcare market/opportunities of the future.
Lazic Mosler, ElviraGeneral Hospital Dr Ivo Pedisic SisakCroatiaI strongly support this project and the benefits it could derive for the health care of the EU patients
Allikvee, RalfEast-Tallinn Central HospitalEstoniaOur hospital is in full support of this important initiative which creates great opportunities for future personalized and precision medicine.
Henney, AdrianoChairman, Avicenna Alliance for Predictive MedicineUKThis project is perfectly aligned with the ambitions and motivations of those of us who have been promoting the need for greater attention to be paid to in silico approaches in healthcare. The concept of the Avatar is one that recapitulates that of the "Digital Human" and "Digital Twin" put forward in previous EC-sponsored projects and initiatives emerging from the Virtual Physiological Human Institute and elsewhere. As such, Health EU builds on much that has gone before and is appropriately primed to deliver in silico medicine in practice , through its impressive partnerships. This project must be supported.
Narkilahti, SusannaTampere UniversityFinlandKeep up the good work for the future!
DAGHER, GeorgesMilano-Bicocca UniversityFranceI do fully support Health EU project because of its visionary perspective and excellency in expertise
Kalajdziski, SlobodanProfessorMacedoniaHealthcare and other Data-driven medicine-related project are of great interes at our Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering. We are several people working in the fields of bionformatics, systems biology and IoT, and we can offer support for this initiative.
Silva, PedroInstituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo AntunesPortugalThis is a visionary program that can radically change health care and human life as we see it today.
Ruiso, IndrekElikoEstoniaI fully support the vision and activity of the Manifesto.
NICOLI, MARCOTESI ELETTRONICA E SISTEMI INFORMATIVI S.P.A.ItaliaWe appreciate your manifesto and we'd like to support your initiative with our experience and know how in ITC for the Health Care market
Siciliano, PietroInstitute for Microelectronics and Microsystems IMM-CNRItaly
Chouvarda, IoannaAristotle University of ThessalonikiGreece
SIDOROFF, Manuela ElisabetaSidoroffNational Institute R&D Biological SciencesROMANIAThis is a very ambitious project. I fully support this initiative.
Di Sante, GabrieleUniversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Fondazione Policlinico Universitario "A. Gemelli" - I.R.C.C.S.ItaliaI fully support this great initiative!
Sündermann, SimonCharité Universitätsmedizin BerlinGermany
Tuinea-Bobe, CristinaUniversity of BradfordUnited KingdomUnifying all forces in medicine, biology, social sciences and engineering in Europe would be a dream come true! Health EU is targeting a European mission/flagship on creating the first European Integrative Human Avatar Platform under the umbrella of Digital Healthcare enabled by Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Our DHEZ does a similar operation at local level but to see an EU project concentration on this would be a big step forward.
Spencer, PaulUniversity of BradfordUnited Kingdom
Wright, DerekUniversity of GlasgowUnited Kingdom
Tanase, CristianaVictor Babes National Institute of PathologyRomania
Neagu, MonicaVictor Babes National Institute of PathologyRomania
Merle, AlainCEA-LETIFrance
Zergioti, IoannaNTUAGreece
Mendes, PedroUniversity of Connecticut School of MedicineUSA
Draghici, FlorinUnivesity Politehnica BucharestRomania
Tuikka, TuomoResearch ManagerFinlandI fully support Health EU!
Preda, MariusInstitut Mines TelecomFranceIn the next few years, healthcare will change dramatically because of the revolution of data capture and analysis. This will make possible to create better treatments and even more, it allows predictive medicine. Europe should not only have an important role in this revolution but it is mandatory to lead it in order to protect its citizens. It is still possible because many Europe countries have some of the best healthcare systems in the world but this should be completed with data science excellence that still requires a lot of effort from European organisations. Health EU is such a project that structures a whole community towards these ambitious goals.
Pristavu, GheorgheUniversity Politehnica BucharestRomaniaI fully support Health-EU. This multidisciplinary project targets high-priority goals of the EU itself through the combined expertise of Europe's finest scientists and organizations. Ultimately, every citizen will benefit from the projected results.
Neal, MaxwellSeattle Children's Research InstituteUnited States
Evelo, ChrisMaastricht University, Dept BioinformaticsNetherlandsAn interesting and very challenging project, lots of work to do. But hey, the future is here.
Frangi, AlejandroUniversity of LeedsUKA natural follow up to the Virtual Physiological Human initiative that many of us believe will transform healthcare and medicine.
da Silva Lima, Maria BeatrizUniversidade de LisboaPORTUGALhuman-based microphysiological systems are the hope to overcome the insufficiencies of animal studies to predict human safety. Combined with in other in vitro and in silico methods, and selected animal studies is unavoidable these systems are fndamental to integrate a paradigm that will transform how medicines are developed and will facilitate the medicine personalization helping to tailor the right treatment for the right persn in the right time, while avoiding resources waste with other tests which are repetitively been shown to be insufficiently predictive, delaying and access of medicines to patients and increasing their costs.
Cinteza, Eliza"Carol Davila" University of Medicine and PharmacyRomania
Brezeanu, GheorgheUniversity Politehnica BucharestRomaniaOn behalf of the PhD school on Electronics,Telecommunication and IT of University Politehnica Bucharest,Romania, which currently enrolls 300 PhD students and 50 PhD supervisors, I,director of the doctoral School, strongly support this initiative. The use of low power and low voltage microelectronic systems, together with Internet-of-Things can strongly support the development of healthcare worldwide.
Soininen, Hilkka University of Eastern FinlandFinlandI fully support this initiative, This is extremely important fro brain reserach as well.
Girtu, MihaiOvidius University of ConstantaRomaniaThe project is ambitious and the consortium is experienced. I think it is well worth funding.
Stanciu, StefanUniversity Politehnica of BucharestRomaniaIn my opinion HEALTH-EU represents an initiative of utmost importance, aligned perfectly to the current needs and priorities of the European healthcare sector. Its ambitious goals will result in unprecedented tools for intelligently personalized health forecast, clinical decisions and therapeutic approaches, leading finally to better health outcomes while contributing to the sustainability of the health care systems in Europe, and not only.
Kuiper, MartinNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyNorwayWe need to seriously enter the field of systems biology and computational modelling for therapy design.
Ionescu, AnisoaraEPFLSwitzerland
Cinteza, MirceaProfessor, "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, BucharestRomaniaI fully support this project
Noailly, JeromeUniversity Pompeu FabraSpainAs the complexity of diseases and disorders and interaction thereof with comorbidities become clearer, holistic managements of health conditions emerges as an imperative necessity. Accordingly, the integration of data and knowledge through models and simulations in digital avatars is an important concept for the future of health.
Bianchi, Anna MariaPolitecnico di MilanoItaliaAs researcher and teacher in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Informatics I strongly support this initiative and the vision towards novel research and strategies in the helthcare domain
Santin, MatteoCentre for Regenerative Medicine and Devices University of BrightonUnited KingdomThe concept of Human Avatar for personalised, preventive and participatory healthcare is in line with the research and enterprise agenda of our university and is a unique opportunity to link it to a wider European network where, we are confident, we will find the necessary complementary expertise and new synergies.
Popa, DanielUniversity of CambridgeUnited Kingdom
De Vos, MaartenUniversity of OxfordOxfordTimely and incredibly important, it should be a no-brainer to fund this well designed program.
Strydis, ChristosErasmus MCNetherlands
Alastalo, AriVTT Technical Research Centre of FinlandSuomi
Alastalo, AriVTT Technical Research Centre of FinlandFinland
Preusser, TobiasFraunhofer MEVISGermany
Punkka, EeroHelsinki BiobankFinlandThe program is very ambitious,important and timely. We support the systemic approach in solving the healthcare challenge.
Stanciu, GeorgeUniversity Politehnica of BucharestRomaniaHEALTH-EU is a project of utmost importance, in line with the current needs and priorities of the European healthcare sector. The objectives of the project are particularly ambitious and will certainly lead to excellent health outcomes in terms of infrastructure and clinical decisions and therapeutic approaches.
Militaru, GheorgheUniversity Politehnica of BucharestRomania
Fiori, Micol E.Istituto Superiore d SanitàItaly
Aaviksoo, JaakTallinn University of TechnologyEstoniaDear partners, in the name of TalTech I fully support the HEALTH EU project on Human Avatars and commit my institution to the initiative. We see this consortium as a major European contributor to cutting edge medical technology.
Carro, JesúsUniversidad San JorgeSpain
Luttge, ReginaEindhoven University of TechnologyNLTo make 3R a reality and continue EU's mission to stay a cutting-edge pioneer in healthy living we need this Flagship program. Continue innovation by the visionary concept of Human Avatars for personalized, preventive and participatory healthcare, this FET Flagship project will deliver radically new solutions to many of the challenges fighting against devastating human diseases.
Tiginyanu, IonAcademy of Sciences and Technical University of MoldovaRepublic of MoldovaI would like to express my support of the Health EU Manifesto and my willingness to join the efforts.
Brezeanu, MihaiUniversity Politehnica BucharestRomaniaAs associated professor at University Politehnica Bucharest, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and IT, I am glad to show my strong support for the Health EU initiative, looking forward for its implementation and its envisaged results, particularly in the fields of nanoelectronics and sensors.
verdonschot, nicoRadboud University HospitalNetherlandsThis project is a breakthrough in generating predictive models; it should be funded!!
Tenovuo, OlliTurku University Hospital and University of TurkuSuomiUnified forces will be needed for a healthier future
Leonard, DidierUMR 5280 ISAFranceVery ambitious program!
Parra-Calderón, Carlos LuisAndalusian Health ServiceSpainHealth EU should make Europe the worldwide leader in biomedical research and healthcare.
Abdelhamid, ElaissariCNRS university Lyon-1FranceI will be happy to be involve and to contribute on preparation of colloidal particles for any specific application.
AGUIR, KhalifaAix Marseille UniversityFranceA unifying European program that comes at the right time
abdelhamid, Errachid El SalhiUniversité Claude bernardFranceAll my support to a great initiative for Europe and European Health system.
Östling, MikaelKTH Royal Institute of TechnologySweden
Solano Donado, FernandoWarsaw University of TechnologyPolandExcellent work!
Ambrosio, LuigiCNR-IPCB ItalyAn unique platform for implementing future medical strategies
Ghendov-Mosanu, AlionaTechnical University of MoldovaRepublic of MoldovaI fully support this program
Vasilescu, AlinaInternational Centre of BiodynamicsRomaniaThis is a very ambitious initiative likely to shape the future of healthcare in Europe
Kilchytska, ValeriyaUniveristé catholique de LouvainBelgium
Radu, VadimUNDA TechRomaniaThis project must be implemented!
Caulier, PascaleSiNANO InstituteFranceWe fully support this very challenging project of high importnace for all EU citizens in the future!
Mitrovic, IvonaUniversity of LiverpoolUKI fully support this hugely important and ambitious initiative.
Vilanova Bartroli, AnnaDelft University of TechnologyThe Netherlands
Jyrki, LötjönenCombinostics LtdFinlandAn important topic!
Grecu, Mihnea IoanX-LAB SOLUTIONSRomaniaI fully support the Health EU iniative that will have a great impact on tomorrow's European healthcare. I strongly believe that the human avatars could prevent and cure the diseases.
Celata, Gian PieroENEA, Energy Technologies DepartmentItalyI fully support the text of the Manifesto
Karlović, DaliborUniversity Hospital Center Sestre milosrdniceCroatia
Fosch Villaronga, EduardUniversity of LeidenNederlandIf this initiative is awarded we will have to make sure that the rights of the subjects are fully respected according to the current (and future) European legislative framework.
ION, RUSUUPBROUMANIEthe project aims to solve practical problems related to population health
Siciliano, PietroINNOVAAL scarlItalyHealth-EU opens new opportunities to solve citizen's health problem, in the same time stimulating also the interest of companies for finding new technological solutions and new market and services strategy
Marcelli, RomoloNational Research Council (CNR)ITALYThe link between different disciplines for a unitary view in terms of understanding and applications is now mandatory in several science fields. The current initiative is an ambitious attempt to go forward in this path with an interdisciplinary approach for medicine, combining skills including not only hardware and software capabilities but also a number of complementary backgrounds. I strongly encourage, for the above reasons, such a European Project and the Team proposing it, and the way they suggest towards IOT in medicine.
Villa, RosaCSICSpainI strongly support the Health EU initiative. It is an ambitious and necessary program to bring personalised medicine real incorporated into the healthcare systems. It is an essential step for European's scientific community, health professionals, healthcare systems, industry and society. Patient empowerment, disease management, and disease prevention are critical aspects to reduce the cost of the healthcare systems and improve the quality of life of patients and society.
Saavedra-Tortosa, GenaroUniversity of ValenciaSpain
Korpan, YaroslavInstitute of Molecular Biology and Genetics NAS of UkraineUkraineI fully support this initiative.
Jørgensen, Per E.Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University HospitalDenmark
Bucur, MadalinaINCDSB BucharestRomaniaInteresting project!
Beck, RomualdCentre for Advanced Materials and Technologies - CEZAMATPolskaDue to its exceptional complexity, this project requires united and shared effort of whole Eropean scientific community. Once we unite our efforts - we certainly can deliver it!
Nazarov, AlexeiLashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor PhysicsUkraineI and my colleagues from Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine support activity in creation and development of visionary concept of Human Avatars for personalize. Its very usefull idea
Bucur, BogdanINCDSBRomania
Verplanck, NicolasCEAFrance
Kikinis, RonUniversity of BremenGermany
Bornemann, LarsFraunhofer MEVISGermany
Badila, MarianUPBRomania
Schenk, AndreaFraunhofer MEVISGermany
Jäckle, SonjaFraunhofer MEVISGermany
Eickel, KlausUniversity BremenGermanyA great idea for EU citizens and EU technology & healthcare in a globalized world.
Günther, MatthiasFraunhofer MEVISGermanyI strongly support this initiative. Integrating all our data and knowledge in such a fashion is essential and will bring the EU into a unique position.
Rieder, ChristianFraunhofer MEVISGermany
Neugebauer, MathiasFraunhofer MEVISDeutschland
Philipp, DennisFraunhofer Institute for Digital Medicine MEVISGermanyI fully support the project, its ambitious program, innovative ideas, and high strategic importance for the future of healthcare. It will be a major step towards unifying forces in medicine, biology, social sciences and engineering.
Hirsch, JochenFraunhofer MEVIS BremenGermanyGreat initiative to get European people closer together in a field that directly concerns European people.
Heldmann, StefanFraunhofer Institute for Digital Medicine MEVISGermany
Arzese, AlessandraUniversità degli Studi di Udine, Dipartimento di Area MedicaItaly
Colussi, GianLucaUniversity of UdineItaly
Pucillo, CarloUniversity of UdineItaly
dessard, vincentVDDTECHBelgium
v. Dresky, CarolineFraunhofer MEVISGermany
Oppermann, PeterFraunhofer Institute for Digital MedicineGermany
Bausells, JoanIMB-CNM (CSIC)Spain
Bacchetti, StefanoDepartment of General Surgery and DAME University of Udine, UdineItaly
Erglis, AndrejsInstitute of Cardiology and Regenerative Medicine, University of LatviaLatvia
Damante, GiuseppeUniversity of UdineItalyI am very happy to support this important project
Gemmeke, TobiasRWTH Aachen UniversityGermanyHealth is one of the major societal challenges for humanity. Health is one of the key leading technological domains in Europe. Health EU is a very timely and visionary proposal. Health EU has my full support!
Banu, ViorelD+T Microelectronica A:I:E:SpainA great vision! Health is the most important for a human beeing. However, healthcare is still a challenging target. A new approach in early detection of deseases shoud be developped according to the actual state of the art in science and technology. I fully suport this multidisciplinary project initiative.
Mes, JurriaanWageningen - Food & Biobased ResearchThe NetherlandsVery good initiative and the preventive/health care strategies based on personalized information incorporated in digital systems and models will be of crucial importance. So hope that the programme will be funded.
Archipovas, SauliusFraunhofer MEVISGermany
Mroczynski, RobertInstitute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics, Warsaw University of TechnologyPolandI fully support the concept of Human Avatars and express my willingness to join all the efforts within this Programme, in future. The united European research and industrial partners can fulfill all demands and aims towards innovative 'health' worldwide.
palese, alvisaudine universityItalyThis project must be realized!
Randjelović, DanijelaInstitute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy (ICTM), National Institute, University of BelgradeSerbia
Popescu, MelaniaIMT BucharestRomania
Hirv, PiretConnected Helath Cluster EstoniaTallinnTo support flagship initiative: Project Health EU – Human Avatars to prevent and cure diseases. Tallinn, 10.01.2019 Health-EU initiative to improve our healthcare system by developing and implementing personal human Avatar, is innovative and extremely relevant. This proposal is highly important to shape the future of disease prevention and treatment in Europe and Estonian Connected Health Cluster fully supports the project. Sincerely, Piret Hirv Connected Health Cluster Manager Head of Health Technology Division Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol
Pistoia, MassimoeResult SRLItaly
Vasiljevic Radovic, DanaInstitute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade UniversitySerbiaI fully support the text of the Manifesto.
Laermer, FranzSenior Chief Expert R&DGermanyWe are supporting this program on Digital Healthcare because it will have a significant and positive impact onto the future EU Healthcare systems.
Hofmann, BiankaFraunhofer MEVISGermany
Vicari, MarcoFraunhofer Institute for Digital Medicine MEVISGermany
Peedu, AgrisNorth Estonia Medical Center, CEOEstoniaWith our ageing society, increasing number of chronic diseases and availability of better diagnostic tools and more effective treatment methods, it is very important to give citizens more important role in managing their health and disease, participate actively in all stages of it – from prevention to rehabilitation. Such tool as decsribed in the objectives of the proposal would have a significant impact in improving citizen's role. Furthermore, collection of health data from multiple data sources (from clinical settings and outside), use of artificial intelligence and HPC as a support for decision making, would help making a qualitative jump in medicine for healthcare professionals. As a provider of highly specialised health services in Estonia, we strongly support this proposal expected results of which would make a real difference in healthcare.
Radulescu, CristinaNațional Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences (INCDSB-Bucharest) RomaniaI strongly support this ambitious proposal through which all European citizens will have access to the universal healthcare solutions.
Ritter, FelixFraunhofer MEVISGermanyThis is an essential project!
Mahroo, AmnahFraunhoffer MevisGermany
cornet, gerardIUGYM(University Institute for GerontologyFranceI fully support this manifesto Iam not a robot People should be able to choice their avatar and keep control of the dialogue, above all when this avatar will be able to recognize your emotions by machine learning
Niculescu, CristianPOLITEHNICA University Bucharest - FAIMAROMANIA
Korri-Youssoufi, HafsaUniversity Paris-SudFranceI fully support this program
Francescato, Maria PiaUniversity of UdineItalyI support the Manifesto due to its great importance.
Haase, SabrinaFraunhofer MEVISGermanyDigital Healthcare is a challenging but also very promising invest in the future. Thus, Health EU should be funded.
NAVARRO, FabriceCEAFRANCEThis initiative must be funded, thus opening new avenues in personalized medicine
Meine, HansUniversity of BremenGermanyCurrently, the advanced decision support in healthcare is a big promise that lacks support by current methods of distributed, scarce, and incomplete data. A privacy-conform but science-friendly data management could unleash the power of modern information technology and revolutionize personalized healthcare.
Chiariglione, LeonardoCEDEOItalyThe EU must have a long term effort on future sustainable health, especially in the context of an aging society
boisseau, sebastienceafrance
Derksen, AlexanderUniversity of LuebeckGermanyThis ambitous project definately deserves to be funded. I highly recommend its funding.
Habek, DubravkoClinical Hospital Sveti Duh ZagrebCroatia
Ochoa, IgnacioUniversity of ZaragozaSpainThis project will be a turning point for the health of European citizens
Malinowska, ElżbietaWarsaw University of Technology, Chair of Medical BiotechnologyPolska My strong support for this extremely valuable initiative!
Frey, UrsMaxWell Biosystems AGSwitzerland
Popp, JuergenLeibniz Institute of Photonic TechnologyGermanyHerewith, I on behalf of the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, confirm that we fully support the Health EU project on Human Avatars and Digital Healthcare.
Hamm, GabrieleLeibniz Institute of Photonic TechnologyGermany
Carius, PatrickHIPS, Saarbrücken Germany -
Chollet, GérardCNRS - SAMOVAR - IMTFrancePersonalized and preventive healthcare is essential as the population is getting older.
Hoinkiss, Daniel ChristopherFraunhofer MEVISGermany
Schwenke, MichaelFraunhofer MEVISGermany
Alimenti, FedericoUniversità degli Studi di PerugiaItalyI'm fascinated by this progam: nowadays microelectronic technologies allows extreme miniaturization and it's already possible to put quite complex circuits on a red blood cell!
Mayerhöfer, ThomasLeibniz Institute of Photonic Technology and Friedrich Schiller University JenaGermany
De Greef, BartKU Leuven/University Hospitals LeuvenBelgium
Verhelst, MarianKULeuvenBelgium
Pottier, AgnèsNanobiotixFrance
Laabs, TracyWyss Center for Bio and NeuroengineeringSwitzerland
Irrera, FernandaSapienza University of RomeItalia
Daniels, VeroniqueKU LeuvenBelgium
Mazzetta, IvanDepartment of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Sapienza University of Rome Italia
Baconnier, SimonCEAFrance
Baccarani, GiorgioUniversity of BolognaItalyI fully support this program and its coordination effort, which makes it possible to create a strong synergy among different stakeholders towards the most ambitious goal of preserving the human health by personalized healthcare strategies.
Konstandin, SimonFraunhofer MEVISGermany
Gnani, ElenaIUNET - Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per la NanoelettronicaItalyHealth will be the majour challenge of the future and this ambitious and visionary program will explore the way to achieve a better quality of life through science and technology.
Marciniak, MarianNational Institute of Telecommunications - State Research InstitutePolandI fully endorse this valuable initiative.
SAMMUT, CHARLESUniversity of MaltaMaltaThis is an excellent initiative which I fully support on behalf of the Faculty of Science, University of Malta. Professor Charles V Sammut Dean Faculty of Science Head, Department of Physics Chairman and Rector's Delegate of the Board of the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Biobanking Leader, Electromagnetics Research Group Chairman, Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy UNIVERSITY OF MALTA
Frezza, Fabrizio"La Sapienza" University of RomeItaly
Molinara, MarioUniversity of Cassino and Southern LazioItalyI fully support the text of the Manifesto and the european level is the right level for face this kind of problems.
Baracu, AngelaIMT-BucharestRomaniaI fully support this ambitious initiative for European Health System
Tiribelli, MarioUniversity of UdineItaly
Niklaus, FrankKTH Royal Institute of TechnologySweden
Mihailescu, BogdanELINCLUS clusterRomaniaAs one of the innovative electronics and IT clusters in eastern Europe, ELINCLUS cluster (over 60 SMEs, 1 University, 2 business support organisations and 1 regional development agency) strongly supports the Health EU initiative. I believe that this initiative has the potential to revolutionize the way we diagnose patients and prevent diseases. This will also require innovative approaches not only in medicine and chemistry, but also in electronics, HPC and Big data analytics.
Uncini, Aurelio"Sapienza" University of RomeItaliaAn excellent Manifesto that must be endorsed and supported
Messina, ElisaUniversità La SapienzaItaly
Morrison, MatthewMedtronicUSAThe vision of a Human Avatar to drive R&D activities, data connectivity standards, and ultimately bring about a "market-of-one" mindset to patient care is something that inspires me.
Aminian, KamiarEPFLSwitzerland
Kaufhold, LilliCharité Universitätsmedizin Berlin / Fraunhofer MEVISGermany
Xenarios, IoannisCHUV/UNIL/LICR/Health2030 Genome CenterSwitzerland An essential and timely effort
Müller, WolfgangHITS, HeidelbergGermany
Filetti, SebastianoSapienza University of RomeITALYI fully supports this European initiative and cooperation for a project on an innovative development of our health system.
Esseni, DavidUniversità degli Studi di UdineItalyThis project addresses a main challenge and a main need for the European society and, as such, it deserves full support.
GRIGORESCU, Cătălin-TeodorVector Quality Group SRLRomâniaSuccess!
Burla, Maurizio ETH Zurich Switzerland
Palna, FabrizioUniversity of Rome La Sapienza ItalyThe project represents an important step in the europeam research
Moens, Marie-FrancineKU LeuvenBelgiumGreat idea, we can contribute to the natural language processing.
Dal Moro, FabrizioUniversity of UdineItalyGo!
Flandre, DenisUCLouvainBelgiumA new vision with high potential impact, a strong consortium with scientific and industrial excellence ... what else ?
palestri, pierpaoloDPIA, Univ. of UdineItaly
Ghione, GiovanniPolitecnico di Torino, DETItalyExcellent forward-looking initiative!
Svasta, PaulPolitehnica University of Bucharest, CETTIRomaniaOur research center ( Center for Electronics Technology and Interconnection Technique), focused on IoT research and education ,is deeply interested in the digitization of medical healthcare. We are a very strong environment of many SMEs interested to innovate in the mentioned domain and we fully support the text of Manifesto.
Legallais, CecileCNRS/Université de technologie de CompiegneFranceOur laboratory BMBI develops organ on chips and is convinced Health EU will allow combination of different expertises enhancing personnalized medicine
Radu, IonutSOITECFrance
Bogliolo, AlessandroUniversity of UrbinoItalyA joint effort is needed to achieve outstanding scientific breakthrough
Kogoj, Alessia ElisabettaUniversity of Urbino Italia
Buhmann, JoachimETH ZurichSchweiz
Ferguson, StephenETH ZurichSwitzerland"Digital twins" are an essential element of future healthcare to improve effectiveness and ultimately reduce costs.
Metspalu, AndresUniversity of TartuEstoniaI fully support this proposal. EU is going to lose the competitive advantage it has in implementing the precision medicine for its people if truly high-tech projects are postponed or not started at all. Important part of the 4P medicine is P-participatory! If we will not engage people to take better care of their health, little will change. This application will generate a new approach, devices and infrastructure to achieve this goal.
Eils, Juergen Group leader Bioquant University of HeidelbergGermany
Klopfenstein, Cuno LorenzUniversity of UrbinoItaly
Orlova, ValeriaLeiden University Medical CenterThe NetherlandsHealth EU is a visionary program that would transform the future of healthcare and disease prevention. It is the future that very soon could become a reality!
Passier, RobertUniversity of TwenteThe NetherlandsThis program is important for future healthcare in Europe. A great initiative!
Suppa, AntonioSapienza University of RomeItaly
Kushner, StevenErasmus MCNetherlandsHealth EU is an important and timely initiative
Martens, JohnErasmus University Medical CenterThe NetherlandsPrecision medicine can only materialized by employing big data and realistic disease models
Freschi, ValerioUniversity of UrbinoItaly
Boogaarts, Jeroendepartmetn of neurosurgery, RadboudumcNetherlandsthe project of the first European, Integrative Human Avatar Platform is the next step forward in translational and personalized medicine. This is innovative project brings medicine at the next level at reduced costst. It is of major importance to all fields of medicine, and as consequence has enormous societal impact !
Ten Dijke, PeterLeiden University Medical CenterNetherlandsOrgan in a chip hunan disease models have enormous potential for developing personalized treatments and even prevention of disease.
ovaa, huibLumcNederlandAs a drug development lab I support this full heartedly and I aim to join in!
Lamp, JürgenJR Medical OYEstoniaHealth EU is important for the technology sector to develop new products.
Franciosa, PasqualeUniversity Sapienza Rome Italy
Teuwen, JonasRadboud University Medical CenterNetherlands
Zampogna, AlessandroSapienza Università di Roma Italy
Kuepfer, LarsBayer AGGermany
Cambi, AlessandraRadboud University Medical CenterNetherlandsi support the Health EU Manifesto as it is a project can propel healthcare into a powerful digital era.
Reggiani, SusannaARCES and DEI, University of BolognaItaly
Falcone, RosaSapienza University of RomeItaly
Saoutieff, EliseCEAFrance
Bernardo, MarcoUniversità di UrbinoItaly
Marchal, ThierryANSYSBelgium
Bastiaan-Net, ShannaWageningen Food & Biobased ResearchThe Netherlands
ALVARO, DomenicoDepartment of Translational and Precision Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome, ItalyItalyI strongly support the FlagShip CSA proposal Health-EU".
Alvaro, DomenicoDepartment of Translational and Precision Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy ItalyI strongly support the FlagShip CSA proposal "Health-EU".
Grani, GiorgioDept. of Translational and Precision Medicine, Sapienza University of RomeItaly
Hordijk, PeterAmsterdam UMCNetherlandsI strongly endorse this initiative
Moritz, Wolfgang InSphero AGSwitzerlandThe vision of providing personalized treatment involving big data and top notch digital platforms will ultimately be required for sustainable and affordable health care services and will bring Europe to the forefront of future medicine. We fully support this Health EU initiative.
Reimand, IndrekDeputy Secretary General, Estonian Ministry of Education and ResearchEstoniaThe Estonian Ministry of Education and Research expresses its support to the Health EU FET Initiative. Information and communication technology, as well as health technologies and services, are the growth areas defined in Estonian Research and Development and Innovation Strategy 2014-2020. The development of ICT, particularly with the focus on public services (e.g. e-government, e-school, e-health) is highly important regarding the advancement of the economy and society. Based on already existing good experiences in the national health care sector, we apprehend high perspective on creating a gross-European compatible e-healthcare system that combines medical, biological, and technological aspects concerning the wellbeing of all European citizens. Estonia supports HEALTH EU project by contributing to already established cooperation projects. Considering the social, economic, as well as scientific perspectives of Health EU FET Initiative's outcomes, we welcome the Health EU FET Initiative and are looking forward to hearing about the project's success and results.
Huisman, HenkjanradboudumcNetherlandsI support this very timely research project
Taliani, GloriaSapienza University of RomeItalyEnjoyable and rewarding healthy living is an appealing and sustainable goal for European citizens, which I would enjoy to help create and share.
Kayal, MaherMonsieurSuisse
Ceccanti, MauroHomeItalia
prisco, michaelFair Winds DigitalItaly
Hristu, RaduUniversity Politehnica of BucharestRomaniaHealth EU is a groundbreaking project with an enormous impact on the future of medicine.
Ballhausen, HanneFraunhofer MEVISGermany
bruno, tommasoCentro Medico SBitalyWe fully support the initiative to provide a universal and sustainable health system!
Baldassarre, SimonaCentro Medico SBItalyWe fully support the initiative to provide a universal and sustainable health system!
Marchese, CinziaSapienza University of RomaItalyI'm writing in support of Human Avatars and Digital Healthcare for future funding.
Mastrangeli, MassimoTU DelftNetherlands
Danen, ErikLeiden UniversityThe NetherlandsExcellent initiative!
Denis-Emanuil, TrancaUniversity Politehnica of BucharestRomaniaHealth EU can make a huge difference for the future of healthcare and for the benefit of EU citizens.
Visentini, MarcellaDepartment of Translational and Precision MedicineItaly
Gainza, EusebioBiopraxis Research AIESpain
Marius, PustanTechnical University of Cluj-NapocaRomaniaThis project must be realized. We fully support it.
Gnudi, AntonioUniversity of BolognaItaly
Albert, SilviaRadboudumcThe NetherlandsA very nice initiative that I am very happy to support
Rovati, LuigiUniversity of Modena and Reggio EmiliaItaly
Rinken, AgoUniversity of Tartu, Institute of Chemistry, Chair of bioorganic chemistryEstoniaPersonalized medicine is future for all of us. Lab-on-chip and all other measures are attributes to go toward the goal. Therefore the application has to be supported
Rodola, EmanueleSapienza University of RomeItaly
Businaro, lucaItalian National Research CouncilItaly
Gerardino, AnnamariaCNR-IFNItaliaI really support the Heath EU manifesto as great chance for Europe to lead the heathcare revolution.
Verrienti, AntonellaSapienza University of RomeItalia
Bursi, TizianoUniversity of Modena and Reggio EmiliaItalyWith pleasure I support and I sign the Manifesto. Tiziano Bursi
Martinelli, EugenioDept. Electronic Engineering, University of Rome Tor VergataItaly
Silvestrini, FrancescoIstituto Superiore di SanitàItalia
Sponziello, MarialuisaSAPIENZA University of RomeItaly
Aan, SaskiaDutch Society for the Replacment of Animal TestingThe Netherlands
Mattei, FabrizioIstituto Superiore di SanitàItalyBy signing this Manifesto, I fully suppurt the Health EU European initiative in personalized, preventive and participatory digital healthcare.
Velardi, PaolaDipartimento di Informatica - SapienzaUniversità di RomaItalyI endorse the initiative and will support in the future.
Fuoco, RogerUniversity of PisaItalyI strongly support the European mission on creating the first European Integrative Human Avatar Platform under the umbrella of Digital Healthcare enabled by Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. In my opinion, this platform is essential for making a significant step forward in the area of personalized, preventive and participatory healthcare which represents for sure the future for sustainable national health services and for their integration at European level.
CONSTANTIN, JELESCUTransfer Pharma Solutions srlRomâniaI encourage and join to the effort of digitalization and the unification of the European health systems with dramatic effects on them and the European population.
Ramponi, RobertaCNR-IFN (Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies)ItalyHealth-EU initiative addresses the future of healthcare through a multidisciplinary approach that combines modern science and innovative technologies, with a high potential for a positive impact on human health and wellbeing
Marco, SantiagoInstitut for BioEngineering of CataloniaEspañaThe Human Avatar is an appealing concept for Personalized Medicine that requires the latests advances in computational science, biological system modeling, machine learning, towards tailored therapies that take into account the a complete physiological model of each individual. Integration of omics data in this context is an essential ingredient, as well, as wearable sensors for continuous stream of information about the health conditions of the individual. I believe Human Avatars can be an important undertaking in the EU Health management.
Olsan, Vladimirreputation engineeringGermany
françois, isabelleHealth House Belgium
Schiavoni, GiovannaIstituto Superiore di SanitàItalyI fully support Health EU Manifesto and the Human Avatars concept for personalized medicine!
valeri, sergioUniversità di Modena e Reggio EmiliaItalyI fully support the initiative, a very important project for the european scientific community
Laviano, AlessandroSapienza University, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Dpet. Translational and Precision MedicineItalyHealth EU initiative is key in impelemting good nutritional care for patients at risk of malnutrition (i.e., older adults, etc.), or suffering from chronic diseases (i.e., diabetes, cancer, etc.). It would be possible implement nutritional strategies already demonstrated to reduce the burden of disease and enhance the efficacy of pharmacological therapies.
DE TONI, ALBERTO FELICEUNIVERSITY OF UDINEITALYAll our support to a great initiative for Europe and European Health system.
Ramundo, ValeriaSAPIENZA Università di RomaItaly
Salvo, IvanoComputer Science Department, Sapienza University of RomeItaly
Stan, DanaDDS Diagnostic SRLRomâniaI fully support this great initiative!
Lamartina, LiviaSapienza University Dep Translational and Precision MedicineItaly
Fortina, PaoloUniversita' di Roma SapienzaItaliaI fully support this initiative toward digital health care and personalized medicine
Maranghi, MariannaSapienza university romeItalyI believe this initiative world be very helpfull for patients and health care
Bohlmann, HelgemicroTEC Gesellschaft für Mikrotechnologie mbHGermanyYes, SME support ensured.
Tortorella, FrancescoUniversita' degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio MeridionaleItalyI fully support the Health EU project which will enable personalized medical treatment and revolutionize health care provision with potentially enormous benefit to European citizens.
Tortorella, FrancescoUniversity of CassinoItaly
Lozano, JesúsUniversidad de ExtremaduraSpainI give my support to this interesting proposal
Savelli, BenedettaUniversità degli studi di Cassino e del Lazio meridionaleItalia
Melatti, IgorSapienza University of RomeItaly
Bollaert, SylvainIEMN-University of LilleFranceHealth above all!
Mazzaferro, SandroDip. Medicina Traslazionale e di Precisione ItalyCongratulations for your achievements. I would be happy to share the clinical research aspects of your initiative, in particular in the field of Nephrology.
ARCA, MARCELLOUNIVERSITY of ROME LA SAPIENZAITALYI think that the e-health approach may provide great improvement to disease control in our communities
Mari, FedericoDepartment of Movement, Human and Health Sciences, University of Rome Foro ItalicoItalyHuman Avatars can be a breakthrough in the Research for Sports and Health Sciences.
Boustie, MichelCNRSFrance
Durante, CosimoSapienza University of Rome ItalyThis is to strongly support the Health-EU initiative and all the contents of the Manifesto.
Tanner, ChristineETH ZurichSwitzerland
Santonico, MarcoUniversity of "Campus Bio-Medico di Roma"ItalyI strongly support this initiative which represents a timely and appropriate response to the current Challenge in the field of healthcare, with the technological contribution of the major players in e-health
Mielnik, MichalSINTEFNorway
Muccini, MicheleCNR-ISMNItalyAs director of a research Institute on materials and devices for health I fully support this initiative.
Bollani, MonicaIFN-CNRItaly
CLERI, FabrizioUniversity of LilleFranceWe strongly believe in the future of a digital healthcare, personalised, high-precision medicine
Ferrari, MaurizioCNR-IFN (Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies)ItalyI fully support the Health EU European initiative that through a multidisciplinary approach enables access to comprehensive personalized healthcare and disease prevention
Tronci, EnricoComputer Science Department - Sapienza University of RomeItalyResting on my experience as coordinator on the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) project PAEON (Model Driven Computation of Treatments for Infertility Related Endocrinological Diseases, I strongly believe that the European Integrative Human Avatar Platform will improve quality of healthcare in Europe while at the same time decreasing its costs thereby making quality healthcare sustainable for all EU citizens. Furthermore, I strongly believe that the multidisciplinary approach pursued in the project is a key enabler to attain such a result.
Tamm, HardiTervisetehnoloogiate Arenduskeskus AS/Competence Centre on Health TechnologiesEstoniaWe fully support this initiative Manifesto. This ambitious project will open the new era in health and in biomedical research. Therefore would be important to EU.
Ferrari, VittorioUniversity of BresciaItalyWe support HealthEU for its vision of healthcare in which different branches of advanced science converge in a joined research effort focused on patients as persons and citizens, more than on diseases only. Europe has the opportunity to accept this challenge and the capability to be successful.
Foà, RobinHematology, Sapienza University of RomaItaly
Vozza, IoleSapienza University of RomeItaly
Carlon, EnricoKU LeuvenBelgium
Palagi, LauraSapienza University of RomeItaly
salvetti, marcoSapienza University of Rome Italia
Pellegrino, DanielaUniversità La Sapienza di RomaItalia
Poenaru, ElenaStandard Business SolutionRomaniaWe strongly support the Health EU initiative that will provide new ways and opportunities in improving healthcare.
ferrazza, giancarloimmunohematology and transfusion medicineitaly
Bertacco, RiccardoPolitecnico di MilanoItalyI support this action towards an efficient way to make affordable a diffused healthcare system available to all EU citizens.
Bellin, MilenaLeiden University Medical CenterThe NetherlandsI support the Human Avatar Project for personalised healthcare and prevention
Casalicchio, EmilianoSapienza University of Rome, Dep. of Computer ScienceItaly I believe Health EU will build the foundation for the healthcare of the future.
Aalto-Setälä, KatriinaTampere UniversityFinland
Taroni, PaolaPolitecnico di MilanoItalyI support the Health EU project, which represents an interesting contribution towards affordable and reliable healthcare.
Taroni, PaolaPolitecnico di MilanoItalyI support the Health EU project, which represents an interesting contribution towards affordable and reliable healthcare.
Grassi, FrancescaSapienza University RomeItalyFull support to an initiative that aims at exploiting modern avenues of interrelation to innovate the approach to human health and well-being
Buchaillot, LionelIEMN CNRSFRANCE
MUSCARITOLI, MAURIZIODEPARTMENT OF TRANSLATIONAL AND PRECISION MEDICINE, SAPIENZA UNIVERSITY OF ROMEITALYI fully and enthusiatically support this initiative of pivotal importance for european healthcare
Ginanni Corradini, StefanoUniversity Sapienza of RomeItalyI strongly support this new and powerful initiative
Hyttinen, JariTampere UniversityFinlandIntegrating the cornersones of personalized medizine the muriad data in biobanks,in-vitro patient body on chip, computer avatars of the patient and cells in vitro, is the only way to realize future digital care and prevention in Europe. Establishing European wide projects on this topic is also the only way to keep the European companies competitive in the emerging interest of the big multinational data companies on healthcare!
Marrocco, ClaudioUniversità degli studi di Cassino e del L.M.Italia
Tartagni, MarcoUniversity of BolognaItaly
Testoni, NicolaNicola TestoniItaliaI fully support this project: it will be a major step towards Healthy Living, Prevention and Personalized Treatment of Disease.
Occre, THierryYNCREA HAUTS DE FRANCEFRANCEEU, needs to be leader on Health Technologies
Ancona, AntonioCNR-Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies - BariItalia
Sangiorgi, EnricoUniversity of BolognaItalyI express my full support to a great initiative for Europe and for the European Health system.
Po, AgneseSapienza University of RomeItalyI enthusiastically support this brilliant and ambitious initiative and I am convinced it will be a breakthrough in health management
Ferretti, ElisabettaSapienza University of Rome Italy I fully support with enthusiasm this initiative for the development of research activities on digital healthcare technologies
Catanzaro, GiuseppinaSapienza University of RomeItalyI support Health EU and its innovative potential in full
Witrhoff, SeboUniversity Medical Center Groningenthe NetherlandsI think that the developments covered by Health-EU are the future of Medical Science: see also National Geographic, Jan 2019, Special Issue: "The Future of Medicine. How New Technologies and Ancient Remedies are Transforming Health Care". I wholeheartedly support the message delivered by Health-EU.
Amarelli , CristianoMonaldi, Azienda dei ColliItaly A unified healthcare digital system may warrant real-world analysis on the outcome of procedures but coupled with AI may also improve the access to cares in underserved communities.
Besharat, Zein MersiniSapienza University of RomeItalyI believe that the impact of Human Avatars and the development of digital Health could be decisive in our combat against disease and I firmly believe that it is the convergence of all disciplines that can provide what is needed.
De Vooght, DaniëlleKU LeuvenBelgiumLooking forward to seeing collaborative research, including Humanities and Social Sciences!
Lassnigg, AndreaMedical University ViennaAustriaI fully support the Health-EU initiave which will have a crucial impact on European healthcare.
Van Hoyweghen, IneKU LeuvenBelgium
AKHEYAR, AmalUniversité catholique de LouvainBelgium
Tafan, MarcoSapienza UniversityItalyI think that the initiative is really a breakthrough in personalized medicine, the only way if we want to tackle diseases such as cancer.
Mancini, ToniSapienza University of RomeItalyHealth EU is a visionary all-round project which will have a profound impact on the future of healthcare in EU. P6 (predictive, preventive, personalised, participatory, psycho-social, public) medicine and Human Avatars as envisioned by the project will greatly reduce costs of healthcare at the same time dramatically improving quality, precision, and effectiveness of medical treatments. The strong multidisciplinary approach pursued by this project is a key enabler to achieve such an ambitious goal.
Panella, MassimoUniversity of Rome "La Sapienza"Italy
Vaccaro, FrancescoUniversity la Sapienza, Romeitaly
Polimeni, Antonella Sapienza University of Rome - Department of Oral and Maxillofacial SciencesItaly
Barbato, ErsiliaSapienza University of Rome - Department of Oral and Maxillofacial SciencesItaly
Vozza, IoleSapienza University of Rome - Department of Oral and Maxillofacial SciencesItaly
Romeo, UmbertoSapienza University of Rome - Department of Oral and Maxillofacial SciencesItaly
Tenore , GianlucaSapienza University of Rome - Department of Oral and Maxillofacial SciencesItaly
Cassetta, MicheleSapienza University of Rome - Department of Oral and Maxillofacial SciencesItaly
Bossù, MaurizioSapienza University of Rome - Department of Oral and Maxillofacial SciencesItaly
Bertani, Francesca RomanaCNR-IFNItaly
BOVY, AnneUniversité catholique de LouvainBelgium
Pavan, PaoloDIEF, Università' di Modena e Reggio EmiliaItalyI strongly support this project: it will contribute to the future of medicine and health-care opening the inclusion of many future technologies to this beneficial applications.
Franchi Scarselli, EleonoraARCES-University of Bologna Italy
UUETOA, TIINAEAST TALLINN CENTRAL HOSPITALESTONIAWe need this project as we see wearable technology as an area full of potential for clinical use. By using wearable devices for remote monitoring of vitals we step into the new phase of cardiovascular care with extensive use of noninvasive friendly technology for early diagnostics and flexible treatment decisions. By proliferation in the diversity of devices brought to market we expect affordability on population basis, digital assistants, cellular connectivity, and connections to larger systems for cardiovascular patients.
Ottolenghi, LiviaSapienza University of Rome, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial SciencesItaly
Poenaru, CalinExigia MedicalRomaniaWe fully support this important Health EU project.
Pijnappel, PimErasmus University Medical CenterNetherlands
van Gent, DikErasmus MC, University Medical Center RotterdamNetherlandsA great plan to get as close as we can to a real human as model system.
De Marchi, LucaUniversity of BolognaItaly
Santos Blanco, José PedroITEFI-CSICSpain
Randriamahazaka, HyacintheUniversité Paris Diderot - Paris 7FranceI fully support this great initiative.
Bouwmeester, HansWageningen UniversityThe NetherlandsI fully support the Health EU initiative. These initiatives bridging (mechanistic) biomedical sciences with medice and social sciences are needed to make our healthcare future proof!
Miettinen, SusannaTampere UniversityFinland
Cincotti, FeboSapienza University of RomeItaly
Shapira, YeruhamINSIGHTEC Ltd.ISRAELWould be great to have an agent looking constantly at your health and ready to recommend changes and issue alerts. Even alerts as simple as "need to renew periodical tests", but certainly much more meaningful are expected in day-today life, not to mention analysis of actual personal remedies in time of need. Obviously, benefit will depend on quality of data, and mining algorithms incorporated in the system
Di Giamberardino, PaoloSapienza University of RomeItalia
D'ANDREA, VITOSAPIENZAITALYVito D'Andrea Prof.Vito D'Andrea Full Professor of General Surgery A.N.V.U.R. "System Expert" Director, Ph.D. Programme in "Advanced Surgical Technologies" Department of Surgical Sciences Sapienza University of Rome, Italy Azienda Policlinico Umberto I,Rome, Italy viale Regina Elena,324 - 00161 ROME, ITALY Ph. **39 06 4997.5550 / 335 722.36.99 /TIM) / 349 87.295.87 (Voda)
Guerra, AndreaSapienza University of Rome Italy
De Raedt, WalterimeBelgië
Del Giudice, EmanuelaUniversità Sapienza Italia
Seccia, RuggieroUniversità La Sapienza di RomaItalia
Baroni, MarcoSapienza University of RomeItaly
Boitani, CarlaUniversity of Rome La Sapienza, RomeItaly
Eberle, WolfgangimecBelgium
Cantisani, VitoPolclinico Umberto I, Univ. SapienzaItalyTechnology developments are mandatory to improve our daily clinical activity especially in diagnostic field. I strongly recommend and support any kind of initiatives towards this purpose Vito Cantisani EFSUMB Publication Committee Chairman
Villani, ClaudioSapienza Univesity of RomeItaly
Braeken, DriesLife Sciences, imecBelgium
calogero, antonellasapienza universityitalyAs director of the department of medical and surgical sciences and biotechnology I am enthusiastic about this scientific initiative opens a new window in the cooperation between theoretical and applicative sciences for the good of the population
Orsi, Giovanni BattistaSapienza University of RomeItaly
Giangaspero, FeliceDepartment of Radiological, Oncological and Anatomo Pathological Sciences. University Sapienza of Rome, RomeItalyI strongly support the Health EU initiative to launch an European platform for Digital Healthcare.
LEROY, JEAN-PAULEURATECHNOLOGIESFranceIt is so important to support the digital health development on a large scale. Funding needs are so huge, the international competition is so hard, only Europe can federate all stakeholders.
Biliotti, ElisaSapienza University of RomeItaly
FRANCESCO, TARTAGLIA"Sapienza" University of RomeItaliaI think Digital Health must be on the top-priority list of all nations.
Ferraina, StefanoSapienza UniversityItalyThe project could represent a big step forward in the (A)Intelligent management of health care. As a neurophysiologist interested in motor control and cognition, I strongly support Health EU.
Stefanescu, AdrianAdrian Sistem SRLRomania
MASTROIANNI, CLAUDIO M.Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases, Sapienza University, RomeItalyAs expert in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases, I strongly support Health EU Initiative and the text of Manifesto. The digital healthcare opens a new era in biomedicine and clinical management.
d'Erme, MariaSapienza Universityitaly
Catania , Antonio Sapienza RomeItaly
Babiloni, ClaudioSapienza University of Rome, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology "Erspamer"ItalyPlease invest in ICT Biomedical applications at the point of patients' care.
Levi Sandri, Giovanni BattistaDepartment of Surgical Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome 00161, Italy.ItaliaI support this great initiative
van der Oost, JohnWageningen University and ResearchThe NetherlandsVery timely and exciting research - fully supported by me and my research team - would be great to team up with key research groups in Europe !
Del Giudice, IlariaHematology, Sapienza University, RomeItalyI support the initiative from the hematology side!
Grassi, Maria CaterinaSapienza University pf RomeItaly
Ragno, RinoSapienza University of RomeItaly
Tarsitano, Maria GraziaSapienza Italy
Presterl, ElisabethMedical University of ViennaAustriaI support the intention of Health EU for a responsible and affordable digital HealthCare for medicine and care and the associated innovation and Validation.
Oliva, Alessandra Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Public Health and Infectious DiseasesItalyAs an expert of Infectious Diseases Clinical Microbiology, I completely support the initiative, being convinced that big-data and health medicine technologies bring the future into medicine.
Biffoni, MarcoSapienza università di romaItaly
martelli, maurizioEmatologia università Sapienza Roma Italia
Unt, EveUniversity of TartuEstoniaThe potential impact of this project is great for practical medicine and creates new opportunities in personalized medicine
Henry, OlivierIMECBelgium
Scarpa, SusannaSapienza UniversityItaly
Scarpa, SusannaSapienza UniversityItaly
Caronna, RobertoSapienza università di romaItaliaProgetto di grande rilevanza
Vergori, PaoloISMBItalyEurope deserve a project of this quality.
Cristalli, Maria PaolaDepartment of Medico-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies "Sapienza" University of RomeItaly
Bragheri, FrancescaIFN-Consiglio Nazionale delle RicercheItaly
Bria, AlessandroUniversity of Cassino and Southern LatiumItalyI fully support this very ambitious program which will enable personalized medical treatment and revolutionize health care provision with potentially enormous benefit to EU citizens.
Pini, RobertoInstitute of Applied Physics - CNRITALY
Torsi, LuisaUniversità degli Studi di Bari A. MoroItalyThis is a very important and timely initiative that deserves support
Martinez Vazquez, RebecaIstitute for photonics and nanotechnologies-CNRItaly
Alberti, ClaudioGenomSysSwitzerlandIf health care wants to fully exploit the potential of digital technology to the advantage of humanity, formats and processes need to be unified.
Valentini, GianlucaPolitecnico di MilanoItalyI am involved in Photonics for biomedical research and healthcare. Medicine is undergoing a complete change of paradigma, where the experience of medical practitioners should be supported by objective data, acquired with all the emerging technologies (omics, imaging, sensing, AI, etc.). Something must be done to support this evolution putting together scientists and clinicians for a new era in healthcare.
Storms, ValerieMobile Health Unit - Hasselt University, Hospital East Limburg & Jessa HospitalBelgiëMobile Health Unit, a center of expertise in mobile healthcare, with a strong focus on R&D and clinical implementation of innovative digital health solutions strongly supports the Health EU Manifesto.
Crisanti, AndreaDipartimento Fisica Universita' di Roma La SapeinzaItaly
Pancré, VéroniqueCancéropole Nord-OuestFrance
Scamarcio, GaetanoUniversity of BariItalia
Romani, AldoUniversity of BolognaItalyI fully support Health-EU's vision of delivering a new generation of healthcare devices by exploiting the great potential offered by ICT at many levels.
Richter-Dahlfors, AgnetaKarolinska InstitutetSweden
Firtat, BogdanNational Institute for R&D in MicrotechnologiesRomania
Ion, MarianNational Institute for R&D in MicrotechnologiesRomania
Stan, IonRomelgen RomaniaI strongly support the Manifesto!
Anghelescu, AdrianNational Institute for R&D in MicrotechnologiesRomania
Leeuwis, HenkLioniX International BVNetherlandsLioniX International BV, as a leading global provider of customized microsystem solutions in scalable production volumes with a special interest in Integrated Photonics enabled healthcare equipment (diagnostics, OCT, ...), fully supports HEALTH-EU and commits to play an active role in the project.
Radu, MioaraTelemedica, CEORomania
Jackson, SamuelNC3RsUnited Kingdom
Wilke, RobinFraunhofer MEVISGermany
Melzer, AndreasUniversity DundeeUKThis is a very important manifesto to support future healthcare with improved outcomes and patient safety
Maccora, CarlaLa sapienza Italia
Longo, JohanEPFLSwitzerland
Dalberto , Thomas Altair Belgium
MARTY, Jean LouisUniversite de Perpignan Via DomitiaFranceIt is very important to develop this kind of project. The health needs novelty and innovation
de Greef, JessicaLeiden University Medical CenterThe Netherlands
Rüdiger, UlrichRWTH Aachen UniversityGermanyRheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH Aachen University) fully supports the HEALTH EU initiative for its ambitious ideas and strategic relevance linking Healthy Living, Prevention and Personalized Treatment of Diseases. HEALTH EU will provide a strong impact on the improvement of healthcare, while combining cutting edge healthcare, biomedical research and ICT. RWTH Aachen University with its 550 professors as well as more than 5,500 academic staff acknowledges the initiative's importance.
Zucchelli, GiuseppeConsiglio Nazionale delle RicercheItaly
Megally, EsmeraldaXsensioSwitzerland
Crescentini, MarcoUniversity of BolognaItalia
Ricciardiello, LuigiUniversity of BolognaItalyThis program must be supported!
Poluzzi, ElisabettaUniversity of BolognaItaly
Salmon Cinotti, TullioUniversità di BolognaItaliaHEALTH-EU looks like the ultimate convergence between data and our individual health. It is therefore a very high priority initiative, deserving dedicated support by bright minds and resouces.
Glatz, WulfgreenTEGSwitzerland
Wisborg, KirstenBisbejerg & Frederiksberg University HospitalDenmark
COUDERC, PASCAL3D PLUSFRANCEWe strongly support Health EU objectives
Luijendijk, LiesbethWageningen University & ResearchNetherlandsAs Program manager on the domain Smart Personalised Nutrition & Health I see the enormous potential of sensing, AI and (big)data technologies as an enabler to in supporting people to make healthy and sustainable food choices in a way that best suits their personal needs. I therefore support the further development of Digital Twin technologies in the Nutrition domain.
Tata, IonutIcebergRomania
Raidou, Renata GeorgiaTU WienAustria
Gobry, VeroniqueSCIPROMUSA
van de steeg, Evita TNOThe NetherlandsImportant initiative that will join forces in EU to improve biomedical research and healthcare !
Oever, RonnyMicronitNetherlandsMicronit is a proud partner of the European ecosystem that contributes to the quality of life of many. We support his initiate that is in line with our company's vision.
van Dijken, PeterTNO Healthy LivingNetherlands
Matkovic, KresimirVRVis Research CenterAustria
De Luca, AndreaFlusso LimitedUnited Kingdom
Hanemaaijer, Roeland TNO Metabolic Health ResearchNetherlands
Segerink, Loesassociate professorNL
Rothbauer, MarioVienna University of TechnologyAustriaI hereby fully support the Health EU project in developing next generation human avatars. Kind regards, Dr. Rothbauer
Puglisi, Francesco MariaUniversità di Modena e Reggio EmiliaItalyThis project has all my support. A very ambitious project that aims at tackling one of the most important challenges of our entire society by combining many technologies and expertise from different areas to create a sustainable future for personalized health-care and medicine for everyone.
Larcher, LucaUniversità di Modena e Reggio EmiliaItalia
CINQUIN, PhilippeUniversite Grenoble-Alpesfrance
Kellomäki, MinnaProfessorFinland
Gröller, EduardTU WienAustriaAn important initiative with a great potential on having a profound impact on the entire society.
Stücker, DominiqueSCIPROMSuisse
Guérin, HoëlXsensioSwitzerland
Mayr, TorstenGraz University of TechnologyAustriaI fully support the initiative which targets one of the major challenge of our society
Tiwari, Amit Cambridge UniversityUnited KingdomStrongly support it.
Beyer, ThomasQIMP Team, Medical University ViennaAustriaA sensible and admirable mission for all healthcare avid and socially minded people to join.
Purgathofer, WernerTU WienAustriaI strongly support this manifesto, as only inter-disciplinary research will solve the grand challenges!
Ladenhauf, NikolausMr.Austria
Ladenhauf, NikolausBioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbHAustria
Resch, SusanneBioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbHAustria
Efthymiou, LoizosCambridge GaN Devices LtdUK
Falco, ClaudioUniversity of CambridgeUnited Kingdom
Arnold, MartinUniversity of CambridgeUK
Trajkovic, TatjanaCambridge Microelectronics LtdUnited KingdomWe are very excited to learn about this initiative and we fully support this challenging but ultimately very rewarding project. We strongly believe that it will position Europe as the world's leading authority in cutting-edge healthcare and biomedical research.
Tuohy, CyrilStrykerIreland
Udugampola, NishadCambridge Microelectronics LtdUnited Kingdom
Gibbs, SusanAmsterdam University Medical CenterThe NetherlandsCurrent human disease models lack the complexity of an immune and vascular component and cannot reflect the mechanisms involved in human disease. Preclinical animal models are often not reflecting human disease due to differences in physiology. For these reasons, organ on chip technology is required to provide personalized human models to aid the development of new drugs to combat human disease. As a skin biologist developing immune competent skin on chip, I completely support this FlagShip project.
Butler, TimFlusso Ltd.United KingdomI believe personalised medicine to be one of the next great steps forward in healthcare and the personalisation of these models will be a major advance.
Caduff, AndreasBiovotionSwitzerlandWorking on the larger context of this topic myself, i can fully support this initiative and find it highly relevant and useful.
Ecoffey, SergeCNRS-UMI LN2France/Canada
Drouin, DominiqueUniversite de SherbrookeCanada
Schutte, MiekehDMTNetherlandsThis is a great initiative. It will position Europe as the leader in personalized medicine and prevention of disease.
Donoval, DanielSlovak University of Technology in BratislavaSlovakiaWe strongly support this project and we see not only its positive impact on health of our society but also on foundation and development of new SMEs and start-ups.
Uherek, FrantisekInternational Laser Centre BratislavaSlovakiaimproved health care project will attract young experts
Marek, JurajSlovak University of TechnologySlovakiaAs a young scientist I see solved problematic as very interesting
Chvala, AlesSlovak University of Technology in BratislavaSlovakiainteresting and innovative project with strong added value
Donoval, MartinNanoDesing s.r.oSlovakiaA visionary, good structured project with good impact
Kuzma, TonoPowertecSlovakia
Nagelkerke, AnikaUniversity of GroningenThe Netherlands
Bernetti, AndreaSapienza University RomeItaly
Pitingolo, GabrieleEcole normale supérieureFrance
mangone, massimilianosapienzaitaly
Schmidt, MartinaUniversity GroningenThe Netherlands
Barata, DavidMaastricht UniversityNetherlandsI hope we can all work together towards stronger therapies into patient's benefit.
Ackovska, NevenaFaculty of Computer Science and Engineering, University st. Cyril and MethodiusMacedonia
Pathirana, Vasantha EngineerUK
Olivier, BrettVU University AmsterdamThe Netherlands
Polakof, SergioINRAFrance
Kuhlen, TorstenRWTH Aachen UniversityGermanyDefinitely a pathbreaking initiative.
Tolner, ElseLeiden University Medical Centrethe NetherlandsAs a scientist in the fields of migraine and comorbid disorders epilepsy and stroke, combining genetic data, human brain monitoring and ex vivo (human) brain-on-a-chip models, I fully support the Health EU initiative. It has unique potential to bridge several translational gaps towards targeted, preventive and personalized healthcare.
Yousef, MalikZefat Academic CollegeIsraelI fully support the initiative which targets one of the major challenge of our society: provide a sustainable health system for everyone!
CANVA, MichaelCNRSFranceThe challenge is such it requires a large united effort at the European level.
De Lena, AndreaUniversity of MilanItaly
Weis, MartinSlovak University of Technology in BratislavaSlovakiaGreat project bringing to life modern technologies with strong impact on the entire society. In addition, it supports collaboration among universities, industrial partners, and SMEs what is an essential part of EU research and development of cutting-edge healthcare.
Montagne, LionelUniversity of LilleFranceThe university of Lille strongly believes in the visionary Health-EU program. We therefore fully support it. Lionel Montagne, Vice-President for Research.
Gurbeta Pokvic, LejlaInternational Burch UniversityBosnia and Herzegovina
Conoci, SabrinaSTMicroelectronicsItaly
perciavalle, VincenzoUniversità di Catania Italy
Trusso, SebastianoInstitute for Chemical and Physical ProcessesItalia
Brandi, Maria luisaFondazione Italiana Ricerca sulle Malattie dell'OssoItalyThe differences are the main scope of developing new models
Frazziano, GiovannaFondazione Ri.MEDItalyThe multidisciplinarity is the only way to face the future research challenge. Go Health EU Manifesto
Quarto, RodolfoUniversity of GenoaItaly
DEDIU, Valentin AlekCNR-ISMNItalyI strongly support the Health EU Coordination and Support Action for FET Flagships. The driving idea of this initiative will definitely have a high impact on the Health of the European population in general (long term) and should be able to boost a disruptive development of an entire system of Small, Medium and Large companies for the support of this disruptive approach to the personalised medicine (medium and even short term Impact).
RIZZARELLI, ENRICOUniversity of CataniaItalia
Di Raimondo, FrancescoUniversity of CataniaItaly
Mezzasalma, Angela MIFT Department, Messina UniversityItaly
D'ARPA, FILIPPODistretto Tecnologico Sicilia Micro e Nano SistemiItalyI fully support this Manifesto.
Lemendik, LaurTallinn University of TechnologyEstoniaWe fully support this project as it has the magnitude needed to make the difference. Better health for everybody through scientific research - this how Europe and Europeans shall be defined in modern world!
NICOLETTI, ALESSANDRAUniversity of Catania Italia
Pitarresi, GiovannaPalermo UniversityItalia
Stan, DianaDDS DiagnosticRomaniaI support Health Eu project!
Guglielmino, SalvatoreUniversity of MessinaItaly
Guarneri, PatriziaCNRItalia
Zappia, MarioUniversità di CataniaItaly
Petralia, Salvatore STMicroelectronicsitaly
puleo, stefanoUNIVERSITY CATANIAItalia
D'Agata, VeliaDepartment BIOMETEC University of CataniaItaly
Riccardi, CarloUniversità degli Studi di PerugiaItaly
Amore, Maria Grazia STMicroelectronicsItalia
Busacca, AlessandroUniversity of PalermoItalyHealth-EU implementation will be critical for creating an overarching ecosystem for industrial, academic, health-care and life-science partners. Health-EU will shape the future of disease prevention and treatment in Europe and University of Palermo fully supports this project.
Giaconia, CostantinoUniversity of PalermoItalia
ROMEO, MarioSTMicroelectronics N.V. InternationalItalyGreat new opportunity for Healt are at the horizon if we join our knowledge.
La Carrubba, VincenzoUniversità di PalermoItalyI warmly support the initiative! Vincenzo La Carrubba Associate professor of Industrial Engineering - Università di Palermo
Pernice, RiccardoUniversity of PalermoItalyI support this initiative,Health EU Manifesto, which is very important for the future of healthcare in Europe.
Mazzaglia, AntoninoCNR-ISMNItalyI support this outstanding action because of its convincing,clear and multidiscplinary goals,as well as because of the integrative proposal it seems very responsive to the Europeas needs.
Kanger, Tõnis Tallinn Universty of Technology, School of Science, Dean EstoniaThe project is ambitious and the consortium is experienced. I think it is well worth funding
Järving, IvarSchool of Science: Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Director EstoniaI fully support this ambitious initiative!
Kaljurand, MihkelTallinn University of Technology, School of Science: Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology EstoniaI fully support this great initiative! The project is ambitious and the consortium is experienced. I think it is well worth funding.
DASI, ANDREAAdler Ortho S.P.A.Italy
BAYON, YvesMedtronicFranceHealth EU proposal is exactly what should be promoted and funded to support integrated healthcare approaches
BUTU, AlinaNational Institute of Research and Development for Biological SciencesROMANIAI strongly support the Health EU Manifesto.
Vollero, LucaUniversità Campus Bio-Medico (ROMA)Italia
Mirabella, SalvoUniCTItaly
von und zu Fraunberg, MikaelDirector, Neurocenter FinlandFinland
Neri, FortunatoUniversity of MessinaItaly
Korten, JohanHAN University of Applied SciencesThe NetherlandsIt is important to have a more 'agreed upon' understanding and better uniformity around the definition of the body of knowledge of the field of digital health and healthcare technology. This helps to avoid confusion amongst professionals, students and end-users / clients.
Darwish, BassamCEOUnited Arab EmiratesGreetings from Dubai Its my pleasure to contact you ,to know more about your services . please send more details and do you have any activities here in GCC or Arab countries? Best regards
Stavrakis, EfstathiosAlgolysis LtdCyprusThis is a much needed initiative for the transformation of EU health sector and we are fully supporting it.
Maubon, GrégoryHCS PharmaFranceComprehensive and personalized healthcare for everyone : a great future for medicine! Congratulation for this inspiring project.
Mantua, ValentinaItalian Medicines AgencyItaly
Gesualdo, LoretoUniversity of Bari, School of MedicineItaliaVisionary project aimed to change the vision in medicine and projected towards precision medicine
Petrov, DiyanEngineering Academy LtdBulgaria
saler, mücellaTAKORAN TUR. SAN. TİC. LTD. TÜRKİYE surgicial baldes, surgicial drapes bed sheet fo incubater production in from Turkey
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Collins, BethN/AUSAIt looks like you've misspelled the word "stap" on your website. I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility. I've used a tool called in the past to keep mistakes off of my website. -Beth
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